Round Bowl – concrete blend

Round Bowl Cement Planter


Round Bowl Cement Planter

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This Round bowl cement planter offer both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits. Their sturdy construction and timeless design make them beautiful additions to any indoor or outdoor space. However, their true value lies in their unsealed and porous material, which plays a crucial role in plant care. By regulating watering and preventing water from pooling at the base, these planters promote healthy root growth and prevent issues like overwatering and root rot. The porous nature of the cement allows excess moisture to evaporate gradually, ensuring that plants receive the optimal amount of hydration. This not only fosters plant health but also helps to maintain the integrity of the planter itself. With their dual emphasis on beauty and functionality, round bowl cement planters are indispensable tools for nurturing thriving greenery and enhancing the overall aesthetic of any environment.

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Weight2.0 lbs
Dimensions7 × 7 × 4 in

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